Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AngularJS 1.0.0rc10 tesseract-giftwrapping released!

As we inch toward 1.0 we are doing some of the last API cleanups in this release. The breaking changes should be trivial to correct in your code bases, please check out the notes below for more info.



  • $timeout: add $timeout service that supersedes $defer (4511d39c, #704, #532)
  • scope: add event.preventDefault() and event.defaultPrevented (84542d24)

Bug Fixes

  • ngRepeat: expose $first, $middle and $last instead of $position (1d388676, #912)
  • jqLite: use the same expando store structure as jQuery (acf095d1)
  • $rootScope: infinite digest exception does not clear $$phase (5989a1ed, #979)

Breaking Changes

  • ngRepeat - $position is not exposed in repeater scopes any more
    To update, search for /\$position/ and replace it with one of $first, $middle or $last. (1d388676)
  • scope event's cancel method was renamed to stopPropagation
    The name was corrected in order to align better with DOM terminology. To update, search for /\.\s*cancel\s*(/ and replace it with .stopPropagation( or .preventDefault( (or both) depending on what you actually need. (91db9920)

Deprecation Warnings

  • $defer service has been deprecated in favor of $timeout service
    The $defer service will be removed before 1.0 final, so please migrate your code. (4511d39c)



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