Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AngularJS 1.0.3 bouncy-thunder and 1.1.1 pathological-kerning released!

What's new in these releases? A number of bugfixes, improvements to the docs, and a little refactoring to make debugging and profiling easier. In 1.1.1 pathological-kerning you'll find all the bug fixes from 1.0.3 bouncy-thunder, plus some new features to try out in your code. Most notably, in version 1.1.1 we've added the frequently requested FormController.$setpristine method, which resets a form's pristine state so that the form can be reused after submission.

For full details in both these releases, see the changelog.

Thanks to the community contributors responsible for many PRs in these releases: Josh Adams, Wes Alvaro, Godmar Back, Xiangru Chen, Dave Clayton, Jamison Dance, Tom Davis, Pedro Del Gallego, Zach Dexter, Haralan Dobrev, Benjamín Eidelman, Brian Ford, Iwein Fuld, Adrian Gheorghe, Uri Goldshtein, Kai Groner, Tom Hughes, John Hume, Iristyle, Kris Jenkins, Sudhir Jonathan, Rado Kirov, Pawel Kozlowski, Daniel Luz, Adam Macejak, Tim Macfarlane, Max Martinsson, Stein Jakob Nordbø, petrovalex, Gregory Pike, Fred Sauer, Shyam Seshadri, sgtpep, Braden Shepherdson, Dean Sofer, JP Sugarbroad, sqwishy trick, Jeremy Tymes, Anna Vester, Christian Vuerings, Kevin Western, Cameron Westland, Jonathan Zacsh, Jay Zeng, Zhenbo Zhang, Jimmy Zhuo.

In particular, thanks to Pawel Kozlowski and Peter Bacon Darwin for joining us as committers on AngularJS to help manage the pull requests for these and future releases.


1.0.3 bouncy-thunder (stable branch)

1.1.1 pathological-kerning (unstable branch)


  1. Oh hell yes! As excited to Pawel on the commit team as anything else.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks Naomi,
    I want to especially thank Pawel. His assistance is invaluable.

  4. I tried to migrate from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 and suddenly my routing no more works with

    The url bar in my browser changes to the new value, but the view stays the same. If I hit enten, then first the location changes.

    Any idea what is causing this bug?


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