Monday, November 19, 2012

More AngularJS Meetup Videos

We have a few more meetup videos up on YouTube from October and November... and we welcomed a new Angular Meetup group in the Southern Hemisphere, in Sydney, Australia. You can learn more about the new Sydney group on, or check out the video from their inaugural meetup below.

$provide Methods / Building Up with AngularJS

We had two talks for our Mountain View meetup in November: Wes Alvaro presented on service providers in AngularJS, followed by a short presentation from Greg Weber on design patterns for dealing with UI complexity.
We had some issues with the video quality on this one. Slides for both the talks are available online.

AngularJS + Yeoman

For October we got a first test run of livestreaming HD on our channel from the meetup in Mountain View, CA. We're still working out the details needed to do HD and livestreams on an ongoing basis, but do check out the video from October and let us know how you like it.
Brian Ford gave a talk on Yeoman's template generators for AngularJS, with demos to show you how to get started.

Sydney Meetup

At the very first ever Sydney AngularJS meetup, John Scott hosted the introductory presentation, and Daniel Nadasi showed on how his own team at Google uses AngularJS in a real application (the Google Places Bulk Location Management Tool).

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