Thursday, July 26, 2012

AngularJS 1.0 -> 1.2 Roadmap

After the 1.0 launch a few weeks ago and bit of PR work AngularJS has been gaining more adoption than what we expected. Thank you everybody who took a look and recognized that we are onto something awesome. Many of you have asked about our plans post 1.0, and that's what I'd like to address by rolling out our roadmap for the next few months.

Versioning conventions

  • 1.0.x will receive only bug fixes backported from 1.1.x branch and will be supported until 1.2 is released
  • 1.1.x will receive features and bugfixes and might contain breaking changes in between minor releases
  • 1.2.x will become stable (a bugfix branch) based on the last 1.1.x release

Delivery date

We are targeting the release of 1.2.0 in early to mid September 2012.

Scope for 1.0.x (branch v1.0.x in git)

Low risk bug fixes and documentation fixes only. Release frequency 2-4 releases per month depending on the number of fixes. Issues currently tracked for 1.0.x train are listed in our issue tracker under the 1.0.x milestone.

Scope for 1.1.x (branch master in git)

All the development happens on the master branch with qualifying fixes being backported to the v1.0.x branch. Release frequency 4 releases per month. Before we get to implement any of the new features, there are 62 pull requests (most of them very recent) waiting for our review. So our number one priority right now is to clean up the pull request queue as well as our issue tracker. Once that is done, this is what remains:

Big Features:

  • Improve error messages and reduce payload size by introducing error rewriting #1041
  • Support for animations and transitions in ngRepeat, ngView and ngInclude
  • Support for comment-based ngRepeat

Small Features:

  • Name all anonymous $watch functions to improve debugability and tooling (Batarang) support
  • Ability to reset a form to pristine state
  • Add missing ngFocus and ngBlur event handlers
  • ng-controller=”Ctrl as c” syntax
  • angular-seed + tutorial updates (better structure, Testacular)

Major side projects

  • Object.observe() prototype (replace our dirty checking with O.o() )
  • Batarang - finish DI instrumentation and deploy the extension to Web Store
  • CI server - completely transition from JsTD to Testacular (requires implementing e2e testing proxy in Testacular)
  • Server-side pre-rendering prototype
  • Closure compiler advanced compilation prototype


  1. Last release is from 2 months ago. You said that for branch 1.0.x releases are going to be for every 2-4 releases for a month.

    I would be greatful if you could fix some severe bug like broken $cookieStore in IE.

  2. Do you have a pointer to the server-side pre-rendering prototype stuff? I scanned the GitHub repo but I couldn't find it. It's something that I'd really like to do, in a CouchApp context.


  3. > We are targeting the release of 1.2.0 in early to mid September 2012.
    So its almost mid October now...

  4. Guys you are best. When you plan add animation support for ng-view?

    1. Animation was added just this week in version 1.1.4

  5. Excellent Framework! You Rock!

  6. I am worried about the state of this project, why? lake of commits (github) and the fact that it's mid November and version 1.2 is not out jet.

    There is so much excitement and positive energy surrounding AngularJS, so please be more open about the state of the this great project.

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  8. Wondered about "Server-side pre-rendering prototype". This is extremely important for SEO and for (quick) mobile loading. Can you comment about the plan? give out some code, even if alpha?

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  10. It is now May 2013 and still no 1.2.x... what's the hold up?

  11. 1.2 is coming :-)
    well done guys

  12. release of 1.2.0 in mid September 2013 ?


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