Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AngularJS Meetup June 2012 - Data-binding, HBO and Drag'n'Drop

The topics discussed at June's AngularJS meetups in Mountain View, NYC and Seattle included data-binding deep dive, how AngularJS is being used at HBO and why they picked it over Backbone.js and how Daniel Zen implemented drag'n'drop functionality in his AngularJS application.

  • 3m15s: Data-binding in AngularJS (Igor Minar)
    slides, plunk demo
  • 1h00m35s: AngularJS chrome extension (Igor Minar)
    blog/screencast, project
  • 1h04m39s: AngularJS at HBO (Charles Fulnecky)
    (waiting for permission to publish slides, check back in a few days)
  • 1h29m43s: Drag-and-drop photo library with AngularJS (Dan Zen)
    example, code demo

In July, we'll discuss dependency injection in AngularJS and how we built TextDrive and wReader Chrome Platform apps for Google I/O using AngularJS. We'll leave a lot of time for free-form discussion about AngularJS. So come ready with questions, demos and apps to show off or ask about.

Also, for the first time, we'll do a meetup in San Francisco, in addition to all the other cities.

Join the local meetup groups to be notified of dates and locations:

PS: The recording with similar content (but different audience questions) will be available in our youtube feed in a few days.


  1. When the video for the last meet up was published, it was promised that the video quality for the next meetup would be improved. But once again the quality is low. It's such a shame because the content is excellent.

    Please can we have higher quality videos.

  2. Would be interested in the HBO slides, are they still planned to be published.

  3. Sorry gorsti, the slides were posted long time ago at http://www.meetup.com/AngularJS-NYC/events/68644812/


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