Tuesday, September 11, 2012

AngularJS Meetup Videos from July and August

AngularJS meetups are becoming monthly ritual for many AngularJS developers as well as the core team. Meetups provide an opportunity for the community around AngularJS to get together in various cities and talk about Angular stuff. Starting next month we are going to attempt to stream these events live via Google Hangouts. We still have some technical challenges to solve (it's not as simple as it sounds), but we'd like to open up these meetups to as many of you as possible in real time. In the meantime if you couldn't join us in person, check out these videos.

Rebuilding DoubleClick with AngularJS

In August, we had a special guest at our Mountain View AngularJS meetup. Marc Jacobs, the tech lead of the DoubleClick Digital Marketing Manager (formerly DoubleClick for Advertisers) gave a presentation on how they rebuilt and launched their application with AngularJS.

More information about the event can be found on the meetup page.
The talk was also repeated at our NYC meetup.

Dependency Injection

In June we talked about what is Dependency Injection (DI), what benefits it gives to you and your app and how AngularJS implements Dependency Injection.

More information about the event can be found on the meetup page.
The talk was also presented at our Mountain View meetup.

As a good follow up reading, check out Miško's recent blog post on how DI removes the problems associated with the main() method.

Building an AngularJS App

Back in July at our NYC meetup, we had a presentation on building an app with AngularJS. The famous ToDo app, narrated for your pleasure, including lots of audience questions about some of the core concepts.

More information about the event can be found on the meetup page.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Yeoman and AngularJS

On his blog today, Addy Osmani announced the general availability of Yeoman, a project to help developers simplify the setup process for application development. Yeoman also includes an initial version of AngularJS-specific template generators.

Long ago, we developed angular-seed as our git-based answer to bootstrapping an AngularJS project with a predefined structure and a set of preconfigured development tools. Yeoman removes the git-dependency and adds a set of template generators and many features and tools impossible to achieve within the confines of a git repository.

Our own Brian Ford has been heavily involved in creating these AngularJS template generators, and has written a nice deep-dive blog post to describe how Yeoman and its generators work with AngularJS.

We'd love to hear what you think about the new workflows, to help us decide what needs to be improved in the Yeoman and AngularJS generators. Based on this feedback, we'll iterate quickly to make improvements with the eventual goal of making Yeoman a successor to angular-seed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AngularJS 1.0.2 debilitating-awesomeness and 1.1.0 increase-gravatas released!

Today we are announcing two releases – stable 1.0.2 debilitating-awesomeness and unstable 1.1.0 increase-gravatas.

1.0.2 debilitating-awesomeness

Bug fix release containing these bug fixes:
  • $compile: denormalize directive templates (dfe99836)
  • $interpolate: $interpolateProvider.endSymbol() returns startSymbol (20348717)
  • jqLite: better support for xhtml (d3fa7a2e, #1301)
  • mocks: free up memory after every spec (1a8642aa)
  • e2e test runner: Adding meta tag to avoid cache issues (5318588d)
  • Directives:
    • form: prevent page reload when form destroyed (054d40f3, #1238)
    • ngList: remove data bound flicker (fa62ea81)
    • ngPluralize: fixes ng-pluralize when using non-standard start/end symbols (e85774f7, #1134)
    • option: support option elements in datalist (9767f7bd, #1165)
And a ton of documentation fixes: A big thank you to all the contributors!


1.1.0 increase-gravatas

Contains all fixes from 1.0.2 and additionally:
  • $http: support custom reponseType (e0a54f6b, #1013)
  • $interpolate:
    • provide contextual error messages (d804bbcd)
    • expose start/end symbols in run phase (58f121a5)
  • $sniffer: auto detect CSP mode (currently requires Chrome on dev channel) (167aa0c2)