Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AngularJS 1.0.2 debilitating-awesomeness and 1.1.0 increase-gravatas released!

Today we are announcing two releases – stable 1.0.2 debilitating-awesomeness and unstable 1.1.0 increase-gravatas.

1.0.2 debilitating-awesomeness

Bug fix release containing these bug fixes:
  • $compile: denormalize directive templates (dfe99836)
  • $interpolate: $interpolateProvider.endSymbol() returns startSymbol (20348717)
  • jqLite: better support for xhtml (d3fa7a2e, #1301)
  • mocks: free up memory after every spec (1a8642aa)
  • e2e test runner: Adding meta tag to avoid cache issues (5318588d)
  • Directives:
    • form: prevent page reload when form destroyed (054d40f3, #1238)
    • ngList: remove data bound flicker (fa62ea81)
    • ngPluralize: fixes ng-pluralize when using non-standard start/end symbols (e85774f7, #1134)
    • option: support option elements in datalist (9767f7bd, #1165)
And a ton of documentation fixes: A big thank you to all the contributors!


1.1.0 increase-gravatas

Contains all fixes from 1.0.2 and additionally:
  • $http: support custom reponseType (e0a54f6b, #1013)
  • $interpolate:
    • provide contextual error messages (d804bbcd)
    • expose start/end symbols in run phase (58f121a5)
  • $sniffer: auto detect CSP mode (currently requires Chrome on dev channel) (167aa0c2)


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