Monday, September 10, 2012

Yeoman and AngularJS

On his blog today, Addy Osmani announced the general availability of Yeoman, a project to help developers simplify the setup process for application development. Yeoman also includes an initial version of AngularJS-specific template generators.

Long ago, we developed angular-seed as our git-based answer to bootstrapping an AngularJS project with a predefined structure and a set of preconfigured development tools. Yeoman removes the git-dependency and adds a set of template generators and many features and tools impossible to achieve within the confines of a git repository.

Our own Brian Ford has been heavily involved in creating these AngularJS template generators, and has written a nice deep-dive blog post to describe how Yeoman and its generators work with AngularJS.

We'd love to hear what you think about the new workflows, to help us decide what needs to be improved in the Yeoman and AngularJS generators. Based on this feedback, we'll iterate quickly to make improvements with the eventual goal of making Yeoman a successor to angular-seed.


  1. I am using yeoman it reports it is version 9.6 however angular reports it is version 1.0.1 how can I bump the version to 1.0.3

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  2. I'm pretty excited with how fast the yeoman team is working on this stuff. I really liked the express/node prototyping and the whole idea of using it as a rails like generator for full stack JavaScript apps. Got my eye on this one.


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