Wednesday, May 22, 2013

AngularJS 1.0.7 monochromatic-rainbow and 1.1.5 triangle-squarification released!

Now that the Google I/O rush is over (you did watch our I/O presentation, right?), we have two more releases for you!

Just as with previous 1.0.x releases, AngularJS 1.0.7 monochromatic-rainbow brings a bunch of bug fixes and a ton of documentation improvements.

AngularJS 1.1.5 triangle-squarification is all about pushing the animations and transitions support in Angular into new heights by adding more flexibility and support for CSS animations. Additionally several major new features like ternary operator support in expressions, ngIf directive, ability to abort http requests and new "Controller as" syntax have been added.

For full details in both these releases, see the changelog.

Our appreciation to the community contributors responsible for the PRs in these releases: @fbiville, Alex Pods, Alfred Nutile, Anatoly Shikolay, Andreas Marek, Andreas Pelme, Andrew Vida, Anton, Artur Ostrega, Ben Ripkens, Braden Shepherdson, Brent Morrow, Brian Campbell, Chad Smith, Chad Whitacre, Chris M, Chris Nicola, Christoph Burgdorf, Colin Kahn, Dan Kohn, Daniel Stockton, Daniel Tse, Dave Geddes, David Bennett, David Holmes, David Sanders, Dean Sofer, Eugene Wolfson, Francesc Rosàs, Glenn Goodrich, Gonzalo Ruiz de Villa, Hamish Macpherson, Heath Matlock, Illniyar, Jamie R. Rytlewski, Jared Beck, Jeff Pickelman, Jens Rantil, Jeremy Wilken, Joakim Blomskøld, Keir Mierle, Kevin Wells, Laurent, Laurent Cozic, Lee Leathers, Luc Morin, Lucas Galfasó, Mark Dalgleish, Matias Niemelä, Matt Haggard, Matthieu Larcher, Merrick Christensen, Michal Reichert, Misha Moroshko, Oren Avissar, Patrick, Paulo Ávila, Pete Bacon Darwin, Prathan Thananart, R. Merkert, Robin Böhm, Ron Yang, Ryan Schumacher, Samuel Santos, Seunghoon Yeon, Siddique Hameed, Timothy Ahong, Tyler Akins, Zach Snow, austingreco, brandonjp, es128, gockxml, jamesBrennan, kamagatos, leesei, quazzie, uberspeck, urenmj, veselinn, willtj, winkler1, {Qingping,Dave} Hou, 玉黍

Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning for GitHub

Spring is almost over, but it's not too late for us to do a bit of cleaning in our GitHub home.

We've been working hard on clearing our pull request queue.  We believe we're a few weeks away from being at a sustaining pace where all PRs get resolved in a week or so.  Hurrah!

Issues, however, are a different story.  There are 650+ issues with 5 to 10 arriving each day.  We've failed in all attempts in our imagination to think of a way to get on top of them.  Additionally, we believe that the majority of these issues are already addressed by PRs or are no longer valid for other reasons.

For this reason, we'll be declaring bankruptcy on the majority of these issues.  Next week, we'll be running a script to automatically:
  • Close issues older than 15 days that have no linked pull request.
  • Send an email to the issue reporter with an option to reopen if it is still an issue.
We've staffed up our attention on the issues queue and plan a similar turnaround time on all issues to move each of them to their next stage within a week or less.

Thanks for your continued help in making Angular great and we hope you enjoy the new clean house!