Tuesday, August 13, 2013

AngularJS 1.2.0-rc1: spooky-giraffe

The long-awaited release candidate for 1.2, version 1.2.0rc1 is available!

AngularJS 1.2.0rc1 spooky-giraffe adds a whole lot of new features that we've been working on in the 1.1.x releases: security improvements, a complete rewrite of transitions/animations support, better error messages (including error message minification), compiler additions, and better support for mobile/touchscreen devices.

There are also a few breaking changes since 1.1.5, most notably in $compile, to improve security and animations/transitions apis.

For full details in this release, see the changelog.

Please try it out, kick the tires, read the new docs, and report any issues. If you find anything new affecting this release, be sure to note the version 1.2.0-rc1 in your report.

We'll add a few more documentation changes, tutorial updates, and minor details before putting the final stamp on 1.2.

Thanks to the 115 superheroic individuals who contributed PRs in this release!

Adam, adamshaylor, Alan Klement, Alex Olshansky, Alex Young, Alexander Shtuchkin, Anders Hessellund Jensen, Andreas Marek, Andreas Sander, Andrew O'Brien, Andrew Peterson, Andy Hitchman, Andy Joslin, basarat, Ben Holley, Ben Ripkens, bolasblack, Braden Shepherdson, Brenton, Brian Fitzpatrick, Brian Ford, Bruno Coelho, Caio Cunha, Carl Danley, Chirayu Krishnappa, Daniel Herman, Daniel Luz, David, David Bennett, David Mosher, David Sanders, Dean Peterson, Dean Sofer, Domenic Denicola, Eddie Monge, Eduardo Garcia, Ehsan Ghandhari, Emmanuel, Eric Hagman, Eric Subach, Étienne Barrié, exex zian, gdi2290, Gias Kay Lee, Greg Thornton, Igor Minar, Itamar Rogel, Jad Naous, James Davies, James deBoer, Jamund Ferguson, jankuca, Jan Laußmann, Jared Forsyth, Jeff Cross, Jeffrey Palmer, Jens Rantil, Joao Sa, John Bohn, joshkurz, joshrtay, Julien Bouquillon, Jérémy, Ken Chen, Ken Sheedlo, Leandro Ostera, Lefteris Paraskevas, Luc Morin, Lucas Galfasó, Manuel Kiessling, Marcin Wosinek, Marco Vito Moscaritolo, Mark Campbell, Mark Striemer, Matias Niemelä, Matias Niemelä, Matthew Windwer, Michael Stewart, Michał Gołębiowski, Mikk Kirstein, Misha Moroshko, Misko Hevery, naomiblack, neilmcgibbon, Nelson Blaha, Niall Smart, NimaVaziri, OpherV, Ore Landau, P. Envall, Paul Meskers, Paulo Scardine, Pavel Vasek, Pawel Kozlowski, Pete Bacon Darwin, Peter Fern, Richard John, Robb Shecter, Robbie Ferrero, Robert Fauver, Roland, Rory Douglas, sarkasm, Santi Albo, sdesmond, Sebastian Müller, Siddique Hameed, Spencer, Spencer Applegate, Stephen Merity, Tay Ray Chuan, tgkokk, Vineet Kumar, Vojta Jina, Wesley Cho.

PS If you're wondering what's up with 1.0.x branch, we still have at least one bugfix release planned for 1.0.x. We're planning to have that out within a few days


  1. Awesome ! Thanks To the team and contributors !

  2. Fantastic! I've already downloaded and started testing it.

  3. Thanks! You guys are brilliant !

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  5. Excited that 1.2 is here. Thanks for all your hard work guys!

  6. Will 1.1 be deemed stable soon?

  7. @Jacek, no Angulars stable releases skip a minor version. So:
    1.0.x: stable branche.
    1.1.x: unstable branche.
    1.2.x: stable branche.

    Since the RC of 1.2.0 is now released I would expect it to be final within 1 / 2 months.


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