Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AngularJS 1.2.0-rc3: ferocious-twitch

Our last release candidate for 1.2, version 1.2.0-rc.3 is available. Onward to 1.2!

AngularJS 1.2.0-rc3 ferocious-twitch fixes a number of high priority issues in $compile and $animate and paves the way for 1.2.

This release also introduces some important breaking changes that in some cases could break your directives and templates. Please be sure to read the changelog to understand these changes and learn how to migrate your code if needed.

For full details in this release, see the changelog.

Please try it out, review the docs, and report any issues. If you find anything new affecting this release, be sure to note the version 1.2.0-rc.3 in your report.

Barring any exciting showstoppers in the next week, we'll wrap this up and declare it the official 1.2-release.

Thanks to the 117 superheroic individuals who contributed PRs!

Adam Kent, Alexander Kaidalov, Angel Balcarcel, anilgulecha, Anthony Tran, Ash, basarat, Ben Lesh, Ben McCann, Ben Tesser, Boris Serdyuk, brakon, Brian Ford, Butch Peters, Buu Nguyen, Caitlin Potter, Calvin Fernandez, Chirayu Krishnappa, cjmling, Colin Casey, commonlisp, Dag-Inge Aas, Dang Nguyen Anh Khoa, Daniel Luz, Daniel Tse, Dave Peticolas, David Barker, David Bennett, David Gonzalez, Dean Sofer, Eric Large, Felix, Francesco Pontillo, Fred Sauer, Freek Wielstra, gdennie, Gowtam Lal, Hack Reactor Students, Henning Teek, Henry Hazan, Hubert SABLONNIÈRE, Igor Minar, Ilia Choly, J Bruni, J. Tangelder, jakub-bochenski, James, James Daily, James Dunn, James Roper, Jamie Mason, janhartigan, jankuca, Jared Forsyth, JasonM23, Jeff Cross, Jen Bourey, Jesse Palmer, Joe Hanink, joscarsson, jquadrin, Julie, Ken Sheedlo, Lane Goldberg, lorint, Lucas Galfasó, Maarten Stolte, Marc Tamlyn, Mark J. Titorenko, Marko Bonaci, Martin Cortez, Matias Niemelä, Matthew Kleiman, Michael Kueller, Michał Gołębiowski, Michiel Staessen, Misha Moroshko, Mr.Raindrop, mtaran-google, naomiblack, naorye, Nick Donohue, Nicola Peduzzi, paolo-delmundo, Patrick Canfield, Patrick Drechsler, Paxton Hare, Pete Bacon Darwin, Peter Bacon Darwin, pzajdel, R. Merkert, Randi Hillerøe, Ricardo Bin, Richard, Richard Sentino, Rob Culliton, Roberto Bonvallet, rodyhaddad, Ron Waldon, royling, Sam Dornan, Saul Maddox, sflahave, Simeon Willbanks, Stefan hr Berder, Steven Sojka, Thomas Tuts, Tim Ruffles, Tim Statler, Tom Elovie Spruce, ts-web, Tyler McGinnis, Umur Kontacı, Uri Goldshtein, Vojta Jina, Woody Peterson, Zachary Friedman.

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