Friday, November 15, 2013

AngularJS 1.2.1 - underscore-empathy available now

Our first stable release in the brave new post-1.2 world is available now.

AngularJS 1.2.1 underscore-empathy reverts hiding "private" properties, improves $compile for transcluded directives by making it possible for the child elements of a transcluded directive to access the transcluded directive's controller, and fixes a few minor bugs.

We introduced "private" properties (for properties prefaced with an underscore) in 1.2 thinking that this would be a fairly uncontroversial change. Oops! Apologies (and thank you) to the folks who filed bugs alerting us to the larger consequences in your code of making this breaking change. We've reverted this feature.

For full details in this release, see the changelog.

Thanks to the 33 superheroic individuals who contributed PRs!

Aaditya Talwai, andre, Andrei Korzhevskii, Ari, Ben Wiklund, Brian Ford, Caitlin Potter, Chirayu Krishnappa, Derek Peterson, Eddie Monge Jr, gdi2290, Igor Minar, James deBoer, Jeff Cross, Julien Sanchez, Martin Field, Mathis Hofer, Mauro Carrero, Miško Hevery, mkolodny, PatrickJS, Pete Bacon Darwin, Peter Kosa, Phillip Alexander, rsnapp, Sebastien Roul, smarigowda, Stéphane Reynaud, Tatham Oddie, Tobias Bosch, victorbjelkholm, Vojta Jina, xdhmoore.

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  1. really quick response guys on the _ issue - nice one - many thanks!


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