Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shiny new introductory course: Shaping Up With AngularJS

There are many great videos, courses, and sites that introduce folks to AngularJS.  While this may seem like well-covered ground, this new course, Shaping Up With AngularJS, sets the bar for a gentle, hand-held introduction to Angular's concepts and features.   

If you've been meaning to try out AngularJS or know folks who have yet to make the jump, this course is the one to start with.

From the good folks over at Code School:

Jump into all the angles of AngularJS with Code School’s newest Google-sponsored course, Shaping Up With AngularJS! Begin with the basics of building a real-world AngularJS app by learning about controllers, directives, services, and all the points and edges that make Angular so great.

Shaping Up With AngularJS has five levels of in-browser challenges that will get you comfortable with expressions and Angular’s special DOM marker syntax. Create review functionality by optimizing HTML forms with Angular, use directives to add a gallery and working tab navigation, and make responsive applications a breeze with two-way binding for super-fast interactivity. 

Play Shaping Up With AngularJS now to whip your script into shape!