Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Angular CLA Infrastructure Changes

As of today, we are unifying our Contributor License Agreement (CLA) checking tool with the newly rolled out infrastructure for all Google open source projects. Just as before, a single CLA signature will enable you to contribute to any open source project from Google, but the new CLA bot is much faster, more reliable and can handle corporate CLAs better.

The new CLA signature repository requires a GitHub account to be linked with a Google account. In many but not all cases we were able to link the two accounts automatically. For those contributors where an automated match was not possible, we'll ask you to re-sign the CLA or add your GitHub username to your contact info the next time you send us a PR.

To check your CLA status you can visit To see if your CLA is linked with a GitHub account please click on 'Edit Contact Information' next to a CLA record where you can check and edit your GitHub account name.

Once your GitHub account name is linked correctly, Googlebot will comment on your future PRs and give it the label 'CLA: yes' (see this PR for an "exemplary" conversation with Googlebot). If you already have an open PR that hasn't been verified, you will need to comment on it for Googlebot to re-verify your CLA.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this stuff is important for the Angular project and the community that depends on it. Thanks and stay awesome!

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