Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Angular Releases - 1.3.15 and 1.4.0-beta.6

After a short hiatus due to the excitement of ng-conf, we are excited to announce a new pair of releases.

The 1.3 branch has a new point release 1.3.15 locality-filtration with a bunch of bug fixes.
The 1.4 branch is now closing in on a release candidate with what we hope will be the last beta 1.4.0-beta.6 cookie-liberation.
Some of the highlights of the new beta release include:
  • There has been a complete overhaul of ngCookies thanks to Shahar Talmi. This has a few breaking changes so be sure to check those out before you upgrade if you are using $cookies.
  • Also thanks to Shahar you can now set the timezone for a ngModel.
  • In keeping with their native counterparts, $timeout and $interval now accept additional parameters, which are passed through to the callback handler.
  • ngMock now includes new they helpers. It also now patches $controller to make it easier to create controllers that are already bound to properties, which is useful when testing controllers that are used with bindToController.
Thanks as always to everyone who has contributed to these releases:
Amy, Anthony Zotti, Brian Ford, Caitlin Potter, Casey Howard, Ciro Nunes, Dav, Dave Jeffery, Devyn Stott, Diego, Edward Delaporte, Elliot Bentley, Izhaki, Jason Bedard, Josh Kramer, Julie Ralph, Marcin Wosinek, Marcy Sutton, Martin R. Hufsky, Martin Staffa, Matias Niemelä, Michel Boudreau, Pawel Kozlowski, Peter Bacon Darwin, Rouven Weßling, Santi Albo, Shahar Talmi, Steve Mao, b0ri5, bborowin, eeue56, gdi2290, jmarkevicius, robiferentz, rodyhaddad, svershin

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